Face ID support is now available while wearing a mask in iOS 15.4


The following is a screenshot of Apple's description for this feature: 

Face ID support is now available while wearing a mask in iOS 15.4

“Face ID is most accurate when it’s set up for full-face recognition only. To use Face ID while wearing a mask, iPhone can recognize the unique features around the eye to authenticate.”

You can use this to set up facial recognition with or without a mask.

Even if you pick face recognition with a mask, you won't need to wear a mask during setup. 

To enable this new feature, go to your iPhone's "Face ID & Passcode" settings and select "Use Face ID with a mask."

Although Apple is at least two years behind the competition, this feature is extremely useful because many iPhone users do not own an Apple Watch.

Even though using your Watch to unlock your phone can be convenient, your iPhone can also be unlocked by anyone nearby. 

With this new iOS 15.4 feature, you'll be able to unlock your iPhone using face recognition to authenticate by focusing on your eye area.

On iOS 15.4, Face ID works better with spectacles. 

Face ID support is now available while wearing a mask in iOS 15.4

Apple is boosting Face ID recognition while wearing glasses, in addition to the ability to unlock your face using a mask. "Using Face ID while wearing a mask works best when it's set up to recognize each pair of glasses you wear on a regular basis," the company notes. Sunglasses aren't supported by Face ID with a mask."

When Apple first launched the iPhone X, it stated that depending on the lenses, some sunglasses will not work with Face ID. It wouldn't make sense to use sunglasses to set up facial recognition with a mask because the TrueDepth system needs to scan only your eye area. Even with a mask, it looks that normal glasses are sufficient.

It will be some time before you can use these features because the business is still working on iOS 15.4. In the meantime, check out our tutorial on how to use a mask to boost the iPhone's facial recognition.

What are your thoughts on the changes? Are you looking forward to trying them out? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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